Data + Analytics = Sales

Data is all around us - from customer demographics, basket size, sales, customer turnover, rent - the list goes on.
More than just People Counting, our goal is to gather and leverage these datasets, present them in a format anyone can understand, and generate positive value for you.


Identify age and gender, enhance the customer experience and pinpoint marketing activities to your demographic.

Customer Tracking

Track the customer journey from start to finish. See what attracts them and maximize store design to generate interest.

Conversion Rate Analysis

Determine basket size, sales conversions, and order volume per visit. Customer volume isn't everything - sales per volume is the key to success.

Queue Management

Understand the source of queues in your stores. Eliminate bottlenecks in your operations and enhance customer service.

Staff Scheduling

Eliminate understaffing and overstaffing with data. Our system will automatically suggest staff schedules depending on historical data.

Turnover Analysis

Determine how long customers stay in an area for. Assess turnover rates for tables, or view Visual Merchandising effectiveness in an area.  

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