Security and Mass Screening

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Prevent unwanted items from entering any location.

More than security. Effective screening means safety of others, high traffic throughput, and less false alarms.

There's a video surveillance solution for every situation.

Gone are the days of basic playback recordings - today our Video Management Solutions (VMS) specialize on industry niches so we can give you everything you need, without any of the clutter.

Ferromagnetic Screening.

From gaming to surveillance to marketing optimization, track, identify, ensure the safety of your guests and property.
Capture gaming violations throughout multiple tables using minimal equipment with our ultra-wide optical sensors.

Main Role:

  • Increase the operational efficiency and profitability of the gaming floor, while capturing violations and non-compliant guests.
  • Workload relief for security and operations staff, while maintaining a wider coverage area and higher efficiency.
  • Using AI-based analyses, casinos and hotels can gain access to insights based on demographics, behaviour, and preferences - which can be used to maximize floor plans, update marketing strategies, increase floor revenue, and increase customer service and retention.
  • Incorporate Smart Hospitality Solutions which improve operational processes, safety, and customer experience - from the front desk to the parkade.
  • Leverage traffic management systems to seamlessly check guests in with minimal hassle, while prohibiting blacklisted vehicles from entering.
  • Integratable with different technologies, such as RFID, NFC, Perimeter Intrusion Radars and Fencing, etc.‍‍‍‍‍

Millimeter Wave.

Automate, capture, and track security violations. Blacklist non-cooperative individuals.
Maximize revenue and control consumer behaviour through precisely coordinated programmes and promotions.

Main Role:

  • Using AI-based analyses, retail stores can gain access to insights based on consumer demographics, behaviour, and preferences - all of which can be used to maximize the selling area, update marketing strategies, plan future sales, increase sales and customer service.
  • Gain access to profit maximization algorithms using optical sensors with business intelligence dashboards - all of which can be used to maximize loyalty programmes.
  • Determine lease prices according to traffic, conversion rate, and area demographics.
  • Automatically capture violations and thefts without the need of human intervention. Blacklist unwanted individuals and be alerted of any security breaches while protecting staff, customer, and property.
  • Retain existing IP/analog cameras and upgrade the back-end software.‍‍‍‍‍

Metal Detection.

Lower operational costs, fewer cameras, more safety.
Detect, dispatch, and disperse with real-time photo/video evidence gathering and efficiently manage response teams.

Main Role:

  • Surveil indoor paths, shops, and kiosks and utilise business intelligence to maximize profit and determine lease prices according to traffic, conversion rates, and area demographics.
  • Manage visitor flows on entrances, decrease crowding and bottlenecks, identify blacklisted peoples, and capture violations such as ticket swapping.
  • Safeguard patrons and capture violations, and provide evidence for courts and police.
  • Integrated traffic management system captures license plate, driver picture, and car model, ensuring safety and streamlining parking operations.
  • Gain real-time incident reports, data, and gather information of involved individuals and witnesses for accurate truth-gathering.

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