Concealed Security

Never compromise design for security again. Design and security should work in harmony.

Never compromise design for security.

Security and design should work in harmony.

Our state-of-the-art concealed solutions blend customer experience with merchandise security.

Installed and trusted by hundreds of stores nationwide, we provide a lifetime guarantee with all our systems.

Available in RFID and AM Plus - and fully upgradable to a full inventory solution, eliminate shrinkage and never lose track of an item again.

Our AI breaks down the probability that someone is committing a crime

Predictive AI Security

  • The latest and most advanced retail security solution to date
  • Identify and stop thefts in real-time
  • Automate in-store security and eliminate human errors
  • Uses predictive AI modelling to accurately determine theft
  • Real-time, 24/7 unmanned surveillance
  • Uses any existing CCTV cameras

Unobtrusive and quick to deploy our Overhead Security system has a wide range of detection

Overhead Security

  • The most effective retail security solution
  • Full-perimeter coverage: from floor to ceiling and side to side
  • Identify stolen items and capture suspects with optional CCTV integration
  • Upgradeable to Real-Time Inventory and Self-Checkout solutions

The classic security concealment now with AM Plus technology

Underfloor Concealment

  • Unlike most floor solutions, our AM PLUS system uses special materials to increase detection and kill interference
  • Focused area coverage minimizing false alarms
  • Adaptive anti-Interference capabilities for any location learns and adapts to the environment

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